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Last Updated: November 26, 2021

Our Crib Mattress Review has been updated with the most recent industry updates! You can find the article here: Top 10 Crib Mattresses for 2021.

We’d like to call attention to a recent article we posted on the subject of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Although this site is generally about lighter subjects, this is a subject that all expecting parents are eventually drawn-to and we felt it was a good idea to shed some light on the subject. From some of the causes of crib death to possible preventative measures, this is a good topic to cover with new and expecting parents. You can find SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome article, here. The above mentioned Top 10 Best Crib Mattress Review article is aimed at the safety of infants during sleep, so please keep infant safety in mind when reading this article, as well.

Here is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says about SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and related safety concerns.

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